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Kind from heart,True from soul…..

People called her a Cheater..,

She never responded..; smiled!!!

People talked behind her..,

She never complained; cheered!!

People used Slangs for her…,

She never cared enough..!!!!

Only one thing she had in Life

And learned from elders…..;

To be always positive..,

Kind from heart,love from soul,learn from life..!!!

And so the reason ,

Why people took advantage..,

Why they never turned to her..,

Why they never cared for her..,

Why they never understood..,

Why they never understood!!!



I'm a law student at a private uni. Apart from being an enthusiast in political developments of the world, I also believe myself to be an eloquent writer. Nationalist on grounds, I like discussing about issues which matter my country and the world at large. बाकी कविताएँ तो देख ही ली होगी!

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