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Trip to Mumbai..

It all started..,when discussions roam around the corridors of the whole 10th standard ,that a trip is being organised for the same..!! So excited everyone was..,like the last trip together!! I refused to go..,but as time passed & the day to go came nearer.., my mindset changed and I decided to go!!

Just 1-2 weeks before , started packing , And why not? It was my 1st trip of kind..,1st trip where friends rule,no parents!! Oh my god,so excited , I left on the eve  of 7th Oct , I remember it b’cuz the same day was my father’s b’day!!  Just before me and my brother were leaving for the railway station..,rain started !! No sign..,it just started!! But at the same time..,my bro is superb in riding , specially on his maestro !! So he said “just chill, we’ll be on time” so we started.., just we reached near a petrol pump ,it started raining heavily!! For some time we waited on the petrol station for the rain to stop.., but it had also promised that it’ll not lemme go!! But again ,my bro saved me..,he drove like a superhero..,& yeah ,we reached the station on time!! Bringing mobiles wasn’t allowed..;but we are humans..,we can’t handle anything too perfectly!!  We sat in the registered cabin..,so after half an hour train left from Bhopal ,Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai, Maharashtra (india)!!



I'm a law student at a private uni. Apart from being an enthusiast in political developments of the world, I also believe myself to be an eloquent writer. Nationalist on grounds, I like discussing about issues which matter my country and the world at large. बाकी कविताएँ तो देख ही ली होगी!

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