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Trip to Mumbai#3

On that night ,after reaching the Hotel , we were too tired , but then too we couldn’t stop ourselves taking out our phones and telling the first day experience to our parents and that too that we were missing them so very much!! We all had food together , and then all my Friends(so were my roommates too) went to the room, but I just took a walk in the huge garden, not that huge but quite big!!

Then as I entered into the room everyone was like  watching T.V., clicking selfies , deciding who would sleep on bed and who would on the floor!! Everything done.., now the main thing comes ,these people decided not to sleep the whole night , but to talk and was necessary for all ,and as I didn’t had this habit of waking up late, I turned like ‘no pls , we are happy in following the schedule’ ; but they rather dragged me and said you have to . I knew what they were going to talk, and rather I wasn’t interested in all that stuff , but it’s fine..,I got a chance to orate some of my poetries..,which I generally love to do !!!

We planned that as we had to go to ADLABS IMAGICA the next day , What we would do there, would we meet any celebs to click selfies with,etc ,etc.. Next day so enthusiastically we wake up like I am a person who didn’t wake up till mother comes 2-3 times and shake me up at 6 telling it’s 8 !! Then we got ready and moved down for the breakfast ,everytime there was a non-veg dish at the end of the table , as I’m a vegetarian , I didn’t liked it seriously and too , it was the first time  I was in a condition that even I couldn’t tell anyone ’bout and so uncomfortable!! But fine,I managed it..

Then in the bus , we were so excited that we weren’t knowing what we’ll do the next moment!! At last we reached there ,and ,and,and oh my god so good it was,on the gate only there was a huge statue like something !!

Everyone clicked photos there with this👆😴!! Then we went inside ,searching and hoping to see any celebs there,but it was our bad luck; then we proceeded towards the theme park

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.., the great Roller coaster !! Seriously ,it was so large , everyone was like we’ll not go,if by chance our heart stopped working..,but I was the one with Guts;) ; I stood in the queue and others after 5 min followed me!! My teachers were sitting in front of  it, and we , we were talking and others wanna go back ,but they couldn’t !! Then our chance to sit there with our hearts looking like quite feary baby.., and , and , and it started , we were howling like anything, and our voice struck off in our throats!!

There were so many shops and game centres kinda things available , like gingerbread mam, Mr. india , etc.. horror houses were there too!! One more incident there – Actually there was another school other than ours.. , so one of the boys of that school 1-2 times impinge into one of my friends  , and then he once said ‘Excuj me'( hey don’t think it’s spell mistake, it’s the way that boy said😅)  so my friend replied sarcastically ‘ Excujed you’ !!! That was great , on this we laughed about everytime we talked about this place..!!


I'm a law student at a private uni. Apart from being an enthusiast in political developments of the world, I also believe myself to be an eloquent writer. Nationalist on grounds, I like discussing about issues which matter my country and the world at large. बाकी कविताएँ तो देख ही ली होगी!

7 thoughts on “Trip to Mumbai#3

  1. Ohh wow very well written 😍 yup agrees that imagica roller coster demands guts …..u r a brave girl ….there are few more which i really enjoyed was mr india , ali baba chalis chor 😉 ….nice to read ur posts 😇 keep writing dear


    1. Thankyou so much😊.. almost everything there was great!! Only one thing which distured alot was the humidity there.., but who cares , we did most of the fun there!! And roller coaster ride was THE BEST, seriously..😀

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