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Trip to Mumbai#4

First time experience of Maharashtra and that too, of its most famous place Imagica.., the best thing there was their welcome dance and rally!! Fabulous it was … They sang imagi-ca ki yayi yayi ya , imagi-ca ki yayi yayi ya..!!

In the rally, there were cartoon princesses, 7 dwarfs & all other characters!!  Oh my god, it was seriously one of the best experience.., the link is given below, enjoy!! I guarantee you’ll love it.. the list is too long !!

Let’s move on to the evening, weren’t we ready to go and not was our fun stopped..!! But we had to leave…, Then we went to the hotel, one more surprise was waiting for us there!! As we reached there, we were told to take rest for half an hour then wear a colour dress( as we had to move and roam only in our school dress code) damn excited…

DJ night…..There were 4 ACs in that room, but as we started, my class teacher, some other teachers & of course our favourite sis. Shalini, Danced with we 4 .. (not everyone was on time!!!)  As time passed, we were sweating like anything, but how can we stop, no place to stand, some girls did the naagin dance too😂 !! 

This is Mumbai, I mean Arabian sea and on it is Bandra- Worli bridge!!

It was great!! Next day we went to Mumbai(before we were there in Lonavala)

There we went to a seashore , clicked some photos, our cameramen was ready to click the photo, then only some girls came, stood beside & started starring at that person.., actually they thought that he was in service there and would click their photo as well afterwards, on this we laughed and too our teachers weren’t able to control!!😂

Some said ‘say cheese’, from the other side, a voice came saying ‘say paneer’ and then someone again said ‘ butter paneer’, & the last stroke was by my dearest class teacher, she said ‘ say butter chicken..’ again we laughed like what the hell was going on, people will think were we mad or what ?!!!

Then time to go to Shivaji Museum also known as the prince of Wales museum .., one of the best place for knowing the history of India!! This was also superb, but the problem was, it was slightly summer time and the weather was much moist, that was the worst thing there.. but fine, it wasn’t that big than the love and life back enthusiasm…

The Imagica Rally

Imagica: Hip Hop Starting Fab Dance



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