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Carve my life..,

But beware of rocks!!

Don’t stand me on heights ;

I’ve fear of falls!!

Don’t ask for my heart,

Am afraid of cheats!!

Promise not baffle..

By listening my fribble!!

Kowtow my thoughts..,

I’ll sure not blather;

Correct me on,

If you think I couldn’t tackle!!

Not a hard nut to crack.,

Not a cake walk too ;

Not a bitter medicine to swallow ,

Too , a great dignity to follow!!

“Follow your Brain cuz heart’s insane!!”

Acts like stupid , being too lame !!

# if you find any suitable title.., let me know please..😅


I'm a law student at a private uni. Apart from being an enthusiast in political developments of the world, I also believe myself to be an eloquent writer. Nationalist on grounds, I like discussing about issues which matter my country and the world at large. बाकी कविताएँ तो देख ही ली होगी!

11 thoughts on “Untitled..

    1. The thing is I liked all the suggestions😅 cuz this poem (maybe) is different in everyone’s perspective, and so giving a particular name will not be a justice for it.., I’m in search of a title which fits everyones thinking:D But Thankyou so much for the try and the compliment:)

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