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Animals are not ours

“Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. “

Indian street dogs and their ‘Rights’

Every other day, there’s a news related to dogs, their dislocation issues, the tagging problems and even about the fake NGOs…
There won’t be many issues from the side of dog lovers… if the govt and the municipal Corporation execute their work in a better way! Local officers say that they have records, but when asked for, they keep mum.

“Last year, in the month of August… A street dog(5-6 months), we were taking care of, was caught from the colony, by 4-5 men in a yellow tempo like a vehicle, on the name of Nagar Nigam’s sterilization and providing dogs with anti-rabies injection operation…  And named a foundation which is unapproachable at the time, on enquiring about the place they were taking it to. They entrusted me, they’ll leave it, the same place, they had caught it from, sharp after 3 days (it’s been a year now). I then researched about the matter and got Supreme Court’s guidelines that it is the dog’s right to be left to the same place they’ve been caught from in a legible time limit(under Animal Birth Control Rules 2001 framed under section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 & as per the orders of honourable SC of India). As per the Indian law, street dogs cannot be beaten, killed/driven away/displaced/dislocated; can only be sterilised in the manner envisaged in the ABC(dogs) rules 2001. Rule 6 clearly envisages that even if Municipal Corporation thinks it expedient to control the street dog population, it cannot resort to killing/dislocating them!”

Every hardship went in vain, because officials didn’t even know who was the incharge where, even on enquiring a dozen of times, they were clueless, that’s where the system falls, here comes the fault. If we want ourselves to be developed in whatsoever stream we name, the necessary thing is to make people aware of the rules and regulations and making every proceeding transparent. It’s easy to break than to make and if the operation needs to be successful, it’s not on the public, more on the executors!
According to the surveys, this isn’t a regional problem but is present almost everywhere in the country… Either the rules need to be stricter or the officials need to be on stand, humans don’t possess any right over the animals. There’s a huge need for things to be done in this regard.



I'm a law student at a private uni. Apart from being an enthusiast in political developments of the world, I also believe myself to be an eloquent writer. Nationalist on grounds, I like discussing about issues which matter my country and the world at large. बाकी कविताएँ तो देख ही ली होगी!

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