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I was younger..

When I was younger…,

I wanted to be a cinestar,

walk on ramp, and roam in luxurious cars!

some years later… I aimed to be a doctor,

treat the patients and fly over a copter!

Then I thought to be an air-hostess?!

wear mini-skirts and travel all around the whole world…

Started loving social,

Being true patriot, wanna serve my country,

stop the corruption and punish the traitors!

I know it isn’t innate and not a bed of roses too…

But, I know if your motives are true…, there’s nothing to stop you!


I'm a law student at a private uni. Apart from being an enthusiast in political developments of the world, I also believe myself to be an eloquent writer. Nationalist on grounds, I like discussing about issues which matter my country and the world at large. बाकी कविताएँ तो देख ही ली होगी!

4 thoughts on “I was younger..

  1. I like the idea behind the lines.

    But I think there’s a lot of room for you to improve.

    If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to say that you should open up more.

    I feel that you have more things to say which you are holding back.

    Let the world hear the beautiful voice of your heart.

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