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Climate ain’t humane

“The sands of times have rendered fear, the Earth sings in the elegy and not the majestic, profound splendor is heard. The next time you look at it, dont be shocked for its no more wondrous, lend it Peace, its tired!”

The regular change in the climate, like rain and hail in the mid of March or the dropping of temperature when it tends to be much high or the extreme rainfall, longer, warmer summers does create fear, if the earth or the human species is going to glide by.
Now, if at all, one can blame the humans for this or not, has been in question for a while; probably what Yuval N Harari explains, in his book ‘Sapiens- A Brief History of Humankind‘, talking about firsts in climate change, occurring due to human intervention in Australia, some 46,000 years ago helps. He says “within a few thousand years, virtually all the giants, like koalas, dragon-like lizards, vanished. Of the twenty-three Australian animal species weighing fifty Kilograms or more, twenty-three became extinct. A Large number of smaller species also disappeared. Australian ecosystem was broken and rearranged, being the most important transformation of the Australian ecosystem for millions of years”, he continues, “During the last million years, there has been an ice age on average every 100,000 years.”
“The giant diprotodon appeared in Australia more than 1.5 million years ago, survived the first peak of the last ice age, around 70,000 years ago. Why then, did it disappear 45,000 years ago (just after humans stepped in Australia)?” “But more than 90 per cent of Australia’s megafauna disappeared along with… The evidence is circumstantial, but it’s hard to imagine that Sapiens, just by coincidence, arrived in Australia at the precise point that all these animals were dropping dead of the chills” There have been more examples which may prove the guilt of sapiens, being the reason for the mass extinction of different species at a different level, for instance, The megafauna of New Zealand which survived all weathers but suffered devastating after the first humans set a foot on the island or the mammoth, which suddenly disappeared to extinction about 4,000 years ago, just when the first humans reached the island. Quoting the book, “The historical record makes Homo Sapiens look like an ecological serial killer.” And there’s less to prove that this doesn’t go along the reality. Homo sapiens held the record among all organisms for driving the most plant and animal species to their extinctions. We have the dubious distinction of being the deadliest species in the annals of biology.
Insects are vital to ecosystems but will lose almost half their habitat under current climate projections. One-third of plant and animal species could be gone in 50 years. Researchers studied recent extinctions from climate change to estimate the loss of plant and animal species by 2070. Their results suggest that as many as one in three species could face extinction unless warming is reduced.

If we go by stats, talking specifically of India, among the most populated countries, India will lose out the most from heat stress. The capital city of India, Delhi which had an Air Quality Index (AQI) ranging from 500-600 in winters, saw an AQI as low as 50, in this lockdown stage. Clear blue skies and empty roads which is seen right now, had become the rarest of rare sites in Delhi, which is always jam-packed with people; Closer home, residents of Jalandhar in Punjab, woke up to a scintillating sight of the Dhauladhar mountain range on one morning, around 2 weeks of the lockdown. They claim that this has happened for the first time in 30 years. Dhauladhar Range translates to the ‘white range’ and they form a part of the Lesser Himalayan range, which lie at least 200 km from Jalandhar, where a decrease in industrial activities and fewer vehicles on road, lead to this drastic yet beautiful change. According to the Global Climate Risk Index released by Germany-based think tank, Germanwatch, India is the 14th most climate change-affected country in the world. In many ways, India is paying for the excesses of the developed world. Long ago, these extreme disparities may have been solely blamed on nature’s vagaries, but now science has established that human-induced climate change is playing a major role. Climate change, caused by emissions from industries and other human activity, is making the world warmer, disrupting rainfall patterns and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events. Human species has ruined or soaked the earth to the level that now, people have started wondering if the coming up of coronavirus (COVID-19) was good, looking at a present scenario that the earth is healing. At the cost of more than 1L deaths till now, people are getting satisfied for life’s getting better with lessen destruction and more of healing that can be witnessed. So, how if sapiens really affect the earth and on what grounds can it be said that in future, humans going to live as long as they expect. If this is what arises in minds, are the humans sure enough that later in life, these sort of lockdowns will play a major role in frequent Earth-healing programs? None know but none who cannot foresee as well, it is high time people realize and recognize what humans have done to the earth and the rate of sustainability for future because finding keys for residing in a different planet won’t be as good a safeguard as trying to save this one with important measures and precautions. The world is at this level, that people don’t have time to think about their surroundings or how the lifestyle affects even them. It’s important or say, a necessity to think and work for a change because lately, simply money or technology won’t be saving one’s generation life further. At this hour of misery, it’s been asked to be caring and sympathize animals, why not understand the fact, that it’s not a sympathy thing but a responsibility, when we’re the ones responsible for them to lose their land and ecosystem (Remembering, being endangered always gives more hope than being extinct). If we knew how many species we’ve already eradicated, we might be more motivated to protect those that still survive.

The COVID-19 crisis has been led to this stage because our world leaders were busy denying its effects just like they deny the various aspects of climate change. The next time, the crisis may be the climate one. So for that, we should be ready. Recovery is possible only if we believe there’s a problem and if we’re ready to choose it over. It’s the eleventh hour for us to help and realize. “This situation shows us that we can change things if we need to. Climate change and the loss of nature are gradual processes and may be less visible, so its hard to point at it because it doesnt affect as directly as coronavirus is doing. But both show that we have to change our relationship with nature. A scientific paper, published in Nature, heralds a rare success in the reversal of environmental damage and shows that collective global action can make a difference. The study also hints that the full healing of the ozone layer.

Now, what to do, individually? Slow down a bit. Understand. Don’t exploit what you don’t have a right at. Give a day or two, in a few weeks to the earth, work from home once a while. Choose an activity you found to be the most productive (let it be, you did in the lockdown time period), which amaze you but not harm the earth. Participate in goodwill programs; teach your family what’s important. Rest. Take a pledge of not using a product that exploits nature for a certain time frame, if not permanently. Work is important, money too, but what we’ll do if the Earth doesn’t survive at all? Feel nature, respect it.
As reportedly said, The Winbledon paid $2M a year for pandemic insurance for last 17 years, out of which it got $141M from the policy, as a result of cancellation of the event in 2020. A tennis tournament was certainly better prepared for a pandemic than the governments of the world. Informing how much the world talks about being powerful with regards to destroying another part of the world but way too underprepared and fall flat when coming to a virus like this. More policies and better thinking is what needs to be put in and persuaded for the plans of betterment and increase in the chances of survival, being the real superpower.

“If you don’t have the time to fix it, please don’t break it.”

“Perhaps the Earth can teach us as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive. Now I’ll count up to twelve and you keep quiet and I will go.”

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How to deploy wordpress on Azure?

First of all know what is WordPress. At its core, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. On a slightly more technical level, WordPress is an open-source content management which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free. A content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website, like content, without needing to know anything about programming!

And azure? Introduced at the PDC(primary domain controller) in 2008, Windows Azure is Microsoft’s broad-based incursion into the Cloud space.

It helps an organisation meet its business challenges. It is the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using one’s favorite tools and frameworks.

The ability to publish sites on high-reliability and high quality servers is what interests me most, but that’s nowhere near the limit of the service offering.

1. In order to deploy wordpress on azure, you’ll require that you have an account on Windows Azure, where accounts can range from completely free to pre-paid subscriptions.

2. So now, log-in to Windows azure management portal, then click the ‘Websites’ tab on the left of the screen and at the bottom left of the screen click the ‘+’ New button.

3. Point to ‘Website’, and then click ‘From Gallery’. You’ll be presented with the Add Web App dialog. This app contains a variety of open source sites and applications that can be deployed in just a few clicks.

4. Scroll down to find out ‘wordpress’ app, select and click ‘proceed’.

5. On the site Settings dialog assign the new site a URL, make sure ‘Create a new MySQL database’ is selected in the Database field, and that the Region entry reflects the geographical location of your choice, and then click the ‘Next’ button.

Click the new website’s link below the URL field.

Your new site opens in a browser and the WordPress installation process prompts you to fill in the remaining required information.

Image from internet.

Enter a descriptive Title in the Site Title field and then enter a Username, Password, and Password confirmation, and your Email Address in their respective fields. Choose whether or not to have the site indexed by search engines beside the Privacy field and then click the ‘Install WordPress’ Button.
Scroll to the bottom of your new Site’s default page and click the log in link.

Log in with the Username and Password. You’re done!

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Animals are not ours

“Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. “

Indian street dogs and their ‘Rights’

Every other day, there’s a news related to dogs, their dislocation issues, the tagging problems and even about the fake NGOs…
There won’t be many issues from the side of dog lovers… if the govt and the municipal Corporation execute their work in a better way! Local officers say that they have records, but when asked for, they keep mum.

“Last year, in the month of August… A street dog(5-6 months), we were taking care of, was caught from the colony, by 4-5 men in a yellow tempo like a vehicle, on the name of Nagar Nigam’s sterilization and providing dogs with anti-rabies injection operation…  And named a foundation which is unapproachable at the time, on enquiring about the place they were taking it to. They entrusted me, they’ll leave it, the same place, they had caught it from, sharp after 3 days (it’s been a year now). I then researched about the matter and got Supreme Court’s guidelines that it is the dog’s right to be left to the same place they’ve been caught from in a legible time limit(under Animal Birth Control Rules 2001 framed under section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 & as per the orders of honourable SC of India). As per the Indian law, street dogs cannot be beaten, killed/driven away/displaced/dislocated; can only be sterilised in the manner envisaged in the ABC(dogs) rules 2001. Rule 6 clearly envisages that even if Municipal Corporation thinks it expedient to control the street dog population, it cannot resort to killing/dislocating them!”

Every hardship went in vain, because officials didn’t even know who was the incharge where, even on enquiring a dozen of times, they were clueless, that’s where the system falls, here comes the fault. If we want ourselves to be developed in whatsoever stream we name, the necessary thing is to make people aware of the rules and regulations and making every proceeding transparent. It’s easy to break than to make and if the operation needs to be successful, it’s not on the public, more on the executors!
According to the surveys, this isn’t a regional problem but is present almost everywhere in the country… Either the rules need to be stricter or the officials need to be on stand, humans don’t possess any right over the animals. There’s a huge need for things to be done in this regard.


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The best thing ☺

It’s just Oh my god….❆  1 year over, it was one of my best experience I’ve ever got in learning and doing something new;)

This year gave me 100+ followers(my first follower was 1sigfridsson )from all over the world.., 1 Blog Award, 500+ likes(in just 21 posts, excluding this😅), too good comments and many best things which I’ve never got in my actual world and all this has much worth than anything , at least for me!! I came across so many people ,so much positivity I felt being here, so many people guided me , So..


It all started with..

This is my first work on any social network, and the result was great!! Everyone here is THE best and Unique, so many country’s names I learned here😅😂 !! I mostly got betrayed , even from whom I felt were my Friends, so this became my best place to share everything I got to see in my life, even as a teen , I don’t feel depressed .., you know why? Cuz I write, just because of you people who guide me, feel me, and give reviews on my posts , my creations!!

Thankyou all who Liked, commented and Followed me which all definitely motivated me to continue blogging.., here I must thank my brother too,who introduced WordPress to me(he’s the WordPress Event Organizer of my city ✌:) but I’ll not (it’s his job although😂;))  !!  Thank you so much for being and helping me in becoming a good blogger, a better writer and more a better person..:D you all are great:).

Lemme show you something – 

 On Liebster Award” by my classmates..

Thankyou so much people for supporting me:).. People check out my website 🙂

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5th Asian School Hockey Championship

As an Indian, I should respect our national game i.e., Hockey! Yeah, I do respect it, but seriously I didn’t have any interest in playing or watching hockey, but the coincidence of having the first match of its kind (international level) in my city , and also the involvement of my father’s department, made me curious of watching it at least once!

There were 8 Asian countries viz China, Nepal, Sri lanka, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Singapore and India… in the tournament, which took place from 3rd- 11th April ’17 in the Aishbagh Stadium, Bhopal (M.P), India.

The Asian School Sport Federation allotted the hosting of Championship to India this time.

Picture from the internet

Malaysia trounced China 14-0 in the inaugural match…

Likewise the play continued, and the day, when I at last went to see the tournament, the Semi-finals! It was a match between India-China and Malaysia-Singapore one after the other.

Everyone thought India will lose (much of cliché), very less public to witness. China tried their ass off, but Indian team, seemed like, already took a pledge of not letting the country down! Some people were doing commentary work that how players should play and all, like that’s none less than sarcasm, if they knew so much about the sport, they must have been a part of the team rather than a mere viewer. That would have proven much fruitful, right?

Indian team did a fabulous job and brought the match in their favour. This victory was a slap for those who not just make fun of their country but are nothing less than a blot.

India beat china by 110, Awesome! After winning the match, the players were awarded a huge round of applause and a moment with the Secretary of the School Education Department, (M.P) Ms. Dipti Gaur Mukharjee. It must be a very proud moment for all… This way India crossed the semi-finals and entered the finals to be held a day after!

Next match was between Malaysia and Singapore, where Malaysia beat Singapore after a short struggle with scores as 12-1.

So the next day, India versus Malaysia, though I didn’t have to do anything with the sport but that time, I was literally praying, let India win! And why not? I wanted my first time witness of the National game to be cherished all my life!

The Indian School Team registered an emphatic 5-1 win against Malaysia to win the 5th Asian School Hockey Tournament! So proud.

In the match for third and fourth place, Singapore beat China 3-1 in a nail- biting shootout after the team ended the regulation time in 1-1 stalemate..

This victory brought not just goosebumps but also pride, respect and love towards the game not just for number of people witnessing it that time, but also those players and of course at an increase, India!

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Trip to Mumbai#5

After visiting the Shivaji Museum .., we went towards our bus!! There we had food, gazing the arabian sea and dozens of couples sitting there on it’s boundary😅 !! 

After finishing our lunch, we started again for the visit to gateway of India and famous Taj hotel ( also known as 26/11 , cuz on this date there had been an attack by terrorists taking lives of 164  innocents and wounding 3oo+ people which blew the relation between India- Pak) .., so come back from the history of Taj palace hotel, as we reached the Gateway of India, we were told to roam and do whatever we wanna and after 15 min come back to a particular place!! I just took a look on the gateway and what was carved on it , so as directed we took some slefies with our cameras (ya camera , Phones were BANNED)  , Gateway of India was erected to commemorate the landing of KING GEORGE 5 and QUEEN MARY in 1911.

After coming back, 15 minutes later ,there was a group photograph , we all stood in the line; cameramen asked Ready?? , we replied Cheese….(our method to tell we’re ready) , then only some foreigners came ,stood beside the photographer , and started taking pictures in the same direction we all stood!!😂 Like seriously, when think about that ,we now too are confused that why did they do so?!!😮 god knows..

Actually Taj hotel and Gateway of india are just opposite to each other , we can see them standing in between .. 

At last, time to go back home,  we knew we’d miss all these experiences damn much.., went to the railway station  with a thought to come back soon with our parents.., and enjoy again as we did this time..!! Oh , I forgot to mention it’s(lonavala) most famous thing that’s Maganlal chikki!! It’s great, chikki is something made from groundnut and jaggery.. I disliked it, but after I tasted it in lonavala, I’ve started eating it:)

We hated going back home from The City Of Dreams..I wasn’t just taking the bangles, imagica’s bottle , some keyrings, and the chikki which I bought ,but also I made new friends there( my classmates only, but with better understanding ) , Lovely experience , some washable dirty clothes😓, and ya some pictures too😁!! 

Next morning reached back to hometown ,there one by one got out of the rail, searching for relatives , I found my whole family present there waiting for me to come out, as I saw them, firstly my bro , to whom I passed my luggage😅(brother’s work;)) , hugged mumma and daddy!! 🙂 Here the first journey alone ends with much of the experiences and learnings..!!😇

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Trip to Mumbai#4

First time experience of Maharashtra and that too, of its most famous place Imagica.., the best thing there was their welcome dance and rally!! Fabulous it was … They sang imagi-ca ki yayi yayi ya , imagi-ca ki yayi yayi ya..!!

In the rally, there were cartoon princesses, 7 dwarfs & all other characters!!  Oh my god, it was seriously one of the best experience.., the link is given below, enjoy!! I guarantee you’ll love it.. the list is too long !!

Let’s move on to the evening, weren’t we ready to go and not was our fun stopped..!! But we had to leave…, Then we went to the hotel, one more surprise was waiting for us there!! As we reached there, we were told to take rest for half an hour then wear a colour dress( as we had to move and roam only in our school dress code) damn excited…

DJ night…..There were 4 ACs in that room, but as we started, my class teacher, some other teachers & of course our favourite sis. Shalini, Danced with we 4 .. (not everyone was on time!!!)  As time passed, we were sweating like anything, but how can we stop, no place to stand, some girls did the naagin dance too😂 !! 

This is Mumbai, I mean Arabian sea and on it is Bandra- Worli bridge!!

It was great!! Next day we went to Mumbai(before we were there in Lonavala)

There we went to a seashore , clicked some photos, our cameramen was ready to click the photo, then only some girls came, stood beside & started starring at that person.., actually they thought that he was in service there and would click their photo as well afterwards, on this we laughed and too our teachers weren’t able to control!!😂

Some said ‘say cheese’, from the other side, a voice came saying ‘say paneer’ and then someone again said ‘ butter paneer’, & the last stroke was by my dearest class teacher, she said ‘ say butter chicken..’ again we laughed like what the hell was going on, people will think were we mad or what ?!!!

Then time to go to Shivaji Museum also known as the prince of Wales museum .., one of the best place for knowing the history of India!! This was also superb, but the problem was, it was slightly summer time and the weather was much moist, that was the worst thing there.. but fine, it wasn’t that big than the love and life back enthusiasm…

The Imagica Rally

Imagica: Hip Hop Starting Fab Dance


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Trip to Mumbai#3

On that night ,after reaching the Hotel , we were too tired , but then too we couldn’t stop ourselves taking out our phones and telling the first day experience to our parents and that too that we were missing them so very much!! We all had food together , and then all my Friends(so were my roommates too) went to the room, but I just took a walk in the huge garden, not that huge but quite big!!

Then as I entered into the room everyone was like  watching T.V., clicking selfies , deciding who would sleep on bed and who would on the floor!! Everything done.., now the main thing comes ,these people decided not to sleep the whole night , but to talk and was necessary for all ,and as I didn’t had this habit of waking up late, I turned like ‘no pls , we are happy in following the schedule’ ; but they rather dragged me and said you have to . I knew what they were going to talk, and rather I wasn’t interested in all that stuff , but it’s fine..,I got a chance to orate some of my poetries..,which I generally love to do !!!

We planned that as we had to go to ADLABS IMAGICA the next day , What we would do there, would we meet any celebs to click selfies with,etc ,etc.. Next day so enthusiastically we wake up like I am a person who didn’t wake up till mother comes 2-3 times and shake me up at 6 telling it’s 8 !! Then we got ready and moved down for the breakfast ,everytime there was a non-veg dish at the end of the table , as I’m a vegetarian , I didn’t liked it seriously and too , it was the first time  I was in a condition that even I couldn’t tell anyone ’bout and so uncomfortable!! But fine,I managed it..

Then in the bus , we were so excited that we weren’t knowing what we’ll do the next moment!! At last we reached there ,and ,and,and oh my god so good it was,on the gate only there was a huge statue like something !!

Everyone clicked photos there with this👆😴!! Then we went inside ,searching and hoping to see any celebs there,but it was our bad luck; then we proceeded towards the theme park

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.., the great Roller coaster !! Seriously ,it was so large , everyone was like we’ll not go,if by chance our heart stopped working..,but I was the one with Guts;) ; I stood in the queue and others after 5 min followed me!! My teachers were sitting in front of  it, and we , we were talking and others wanna go back ,but they couldn’t !! Then our chance to sit there with our hearts looking like quite feary baby.., and , and , and it started , we were howling like anything, and our voice struck off in our throats!!

There were so many shops and game centres kinda things available , like gingerbread mam, Mr. india , etc.. horror houses were there too!! One more incident there – Actually there was another school other than ours.. , so one of the boys of that school 1-2 times impinge into one of my friends  , and then he once said ‘Excuj me'( hey don’t think it’s spell mistake, it’s the way that boy said😅)  so my friend replied sarcastically ‘ Excujed you’ !!! That was great , on this we laughed about everytime we talked about this place..!!

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Trip to Mumbai#2

In the train..,we did everything we could like playing UNO(No no, it’s not that what u thought.., it’s a game of cards!!😄) , clicking pictures , eating stuff from different houses , singing, gossips ; too ,many were busy with their mobiles !! Next morning we reached Lonavala (hill station near mumbai) , it was an amazing experience ; our cameras worked continuously , & our eyes ,they couldn’t stop even for 1 sec from looking outside the windows of the bus, gazing the beauty of mother nature ,bus ,we took to go to our resort that was Zara’s resort..,     

& as we reached there ,around 9am , for at most half an hour , the place was surrounded by the flashes and white light spread all around !!  Teachers told to change & come back as we had only 3 days & there were a lot many places to visit.
First ,we went to karla caves , a buddhist rock cut cave!! Karla Caves are an impressive representation of architectural brilliance.  We mount up to I beleive 400 rock cut stairs..,and I was the 2nd one to reach up ;D !! It was a marvelous place!! There also , unknowingly cameras in our hand came up and automatically snapshots were clicked.., some were to be made as memories and some , they were clicked for our parents!!

by nikita (karla cave temple)


by nikita(karla cave rock sculpture)

On that evening only .., we went to tiger’s point! Till we reached there ,it was dark , but the beauty of it couldn’t vanish!! we couldn’t capture the moment in cameras, but our eyes continuously were capturing every thing present , like the cold waves , the aroma of soil !!

There after some time , many girls started doing garba (in India ,it was the time of nau durge,a festival of goddess durga and Garba is the main dance style this time!!).., and with them , joined teachers and our favourite , counsellor Sr. Shalini ,she joined us so enthusiastically like the ones who got tired after dancing ,again started!!! And as it was monsoon time, fog was all around. It was at around 650 m height , we could feel the cold cloud touching us!! It was a heavenly experience.. In short , it was a dream destination for the ones who love Nature , so was for me!!

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Trip to Mumbai..

It all started..,when discussions roam around the corridors of the whole 10th standard ,that a trip is being organised for the same..!! So excited everyone was..,like the last trip together!! I refused to go..,but as time passed & the day to go came nearer.., my mindset changed and I decided to go!!

Just 1-2 weeks before , started packing , And why not? It was my 1st trip of kind..,1st trip where friends rule,no parents!! Oh my god,so excited , I left on the eve  of 7th Oct , I remember it b’cuz the same day was my father’s b’day!!  Just before me and my brother were leaving for the railway station..,rain started !! No sign..,it just started!! But at the same time..,my bro is superb in riding , specially on his maestro !! So he said “just chill, we’ll be on time” so we started.., just we reached near a petrol pump ,it started raining heavily!! For some time we waited on the petrol station for the rain to stop.., but it had also promised that it’ll not lemme go!! But again ,my bro saved me..,he drove like a superhero..,& yeah ,we reached the station on time!! Bringing mobiles wasn’t allowed..;but we are humans..,we can’t handle anything too perfectly!!  We sat in the registered cabin..,so after half an hour train left from Bhopal ,Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai, Maharashtra (india)!!