कोई कभी नाप नहीं सकता..कि मेरा भारत कितना महान है।।

देश की मिट्टी देख के बढता मेरा स्वाभिमान है..

झंडा ऊँचा रहे हमारा.., इस पर मेरा अभिमान है…,

क्योंकि माँ की गोद, पिता का सागर..

भारतवर्ष महान है।।

देश का गौरव बढ़ाना , हम सभी का काम है..,

क्योंकि इस मिट्टी का हम पर बहुत बड़ा उपकार है।।

चाहे जितनी दुनिया तुम घूम लो, लौट के तुम्हे यही आना है..

यहीं चुकाना एहसान है।।


He didn’t look that good,

But his habits made him great looked!!

He wasn’t so cool,

But so were actually his caring ‘Rules’..

His habits were just like small kid,

Checking his hairs and crack lame jokes.,

Creating bad humour and had voice that provokes!!

Looked like prefect, but not this was his Actuality..

He kept much Attitude, but also some Humanity!

Loved his characteristics..

Fan of his personality!!

Great man with lovely soul,

Respect is to be provided Though..

Made faces quite Laughable,

Also personality not that Affordable…

Not at all shy, said whatever comes in his Mind..,

He wasn’t the Best, but, one of a Kind!!


Written on a special request by people , after they read “she , so this can be called the continuance of it!!:)  not written for any particular person, this is written just by observing the behaviour of people around me;)😇 Hope I did the task with flying colours😄


Some faces look so cute..,

Some people are so mute!

Some people are so nice,

Whose ‘chirper’ sounds so wise!!

Some places are so quite..

Confused symbol of ‘peace’ and ‘wild’ .

Everyone has their own story..,

Some tell it , some don’t worry!!

Not everyone is Melancholic!

But not everyone who laughs on,

Everyone who surge..

There’s always a bailiwick,

which not always have an airquick!!!


She wanna see everyone happy..

She was the one most betrayed!!

Wanna link everyone by a love cart,

Roam with broken pieces of her own big heart!!

She wanna see, everyone smile..

The most cried loud inside!!

She couldn’t tell it to the world..,

What always got her inside murdered!!

Self confidence was nill,

But not was her love or will..

Yeah, she was a girl with pure heart and soul,

Got attached to those, who cared even a little bit!!

Cheered with fun, filled with love..,

Cry for senseless, dared to be Rough??(no)

‘Real’ was she, unlike the world..,

Some called Different, some did Mad!!

Whatever she felt, was nothing but just a Prank!!!!


‘Here the fear refers to the rejection and the fear to be rejected .., she either didn’t knew or wasn’t ready to accept it as a Part of Life!!!’ Registered & Protected  TVKL-PPZE-D57T-IZXD

image Registered & Protected  WBNE-AKJS-YKPK-RUQW


ज़िन्दगी की कश्मकश देखो..,

लोग भूल जाते है जीना!!

जिसके लिए जीते है;

वही रह जाता है अधूरा!!

ज़िन्दगी एक होड़ है..

शामिल होना जोर है!!

ज़िन्दगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा,

इसलिए चिंता न करना एक बारा…,

जब तक तुम सही, झुकने की ज़रूरत नही;

जिस दिन गलती कर दो, पश्चाताप से मुकरना नही!!

यहाँ लोग तुम्हारी अच्छाई नही, गलती का इंतज़ार करते है.,

निन्यान्वे सही, एक गलत.., सबसे पहले ऊँगली उठाते हैं।

यहाँ कोई अपना नहीँ, फिर भी सब अपने हैं!!

लोग अच्छाई का बुर्खा तो कई सदियों से पहने है…

थाम लो कदमों को, पर मर मर के जीना नहीं,

भीड़ से पीछे हटना, कभी बहुत अच्छा होता है,

एक बार रुक कर पीछे मुड़ना भी ज़रूरी होता है!!! Registered & Protected NPNZ-N8FD-SBRS-JFWQ
Picture by me;) Registered & Protected CP63-YBXT-TFCY-OG8O

What about this?!

Sometimes I feel cool..,

Sometimes I feel torn!!

When here news, someone got murdered or died..

Mixed feeling quickly comes in my mind..

One side says, we’ve studied , population is increasing day by day ;

It’s good, many benefits are there, coming in the same way!!

But other one says, if it were happened to us..??!!

How bad it feels, just pissed up!!!

If population decreases , earth and many would be saved..

But if it were with us, would be crying for people we used to love!!

No matter who, what , why ..,

At that time, we just feel like “I too wanna die!!

It’s never clear nor understood,

But the thinking never changes, it’s only to be continued!!! Registered & Protected 


Carve my life..,

But beware of rocks!!

Don’t stand me on heights ;

I’ve fear of falls!!

Don’t ask for my heart,

Am afraid of cheats!!

Promise not baffle..

By listening my fribble!!

Kowtow my thoughts..,

I’ll sure not blather;

Correct me on,

If you think I couldn’t tackle!!

Not a hard nut to crack.,

Not a cake walk too ;

Not a bitter medicine to swallow ,

Too , a great dignity to follow!!

“Follow your Brain cuz heart’s insane!!”

Acts like stupid , being too lame !!

# if you find any suitable title.., let me know please..😅 Registered & Protected Y5BS-TJUO-C0RZ-MEJB


A word that sounds great.,

But has so much feels and pains!!

Sometimes easy to say,

But not so, could stay ..

Fights and laughs changed to thoughts ;

The blunders done, crack up!!

The gear of new beginning ,

With old fear of losing..

Regrets of dones,

With tears quite earned!!

Knowing the factuals at end;

Grieve for the same ease(it’s trend;))

Break of emotional connect,

Which can’t be replaced or further met!

The journey too gave inspirational ones..

Or many became just fable!!

As pages turned one beyond the other,

Life installed many more cadre!!

A word that sounds great;

But has much feels and pains!!

Sometimes easy to say..,

But not could ever stay!!!! Registered & Protected 


Sometimes people think you are wrong;

Sometimes the matter moves or stretches for long…

When actually you are correct;

But there’s no one to believe you or are trusted..

Things went so topsy-turvy;

You don’t know where to go,roads become so curvy…


You try to become the person you actually are;

n also try to do things people say you can’t..Sunrise-.pjg

You become so pale and depressed;

Thinking what people think of you ,is bad or blessed..

You should just keep in mind…

Never to loose faith ,always be positive..;

You are the best ,you deserve to be the BEST….

As it has been said- Don’t compromise yourself,you are all you’ve got….. 🙂 Registered & Protected 

हे चिरैया , है आशा की किरण

चिरैया , गौरैया , ना जाने तुम्हारे कितने नाम..

फिर क्यों हैं लोग तुमसे और तुम्हारे घटते क्रम से अंजान!!

क्या हो गयी तुम इतनी बेसुध और अंजान,की कोई न जाने तुम्हे,पशु और इंसान??

क्या इंसानों में  इतनी आत्मीयता भी नही बची,की एक नज़र देख ले प्रकृति की ओर,बची है भी या नहीं!

पर आज की ‘हाईटेक’ दुनिया में,जहाँ लोग है एक दुसरे से ही अंजान,

क्या समय होगा इतना,की देख ले प्रकृति को एक नज़र,अपने को सुधार!!

मत जाओ गौरैया,होकर इतनी दुखी और उदास,निकलेगा कोई तो हल,जिससे आएगी तुम्हारी आखों में चमक और स्थिति  में सुधार!!

थोडा सा और कर लो तुम इंतज़ार,थोडा सा और कर लो तुम इंतज़ार!

ज़रूर मिलेगी कोई तो आशा की किरण या दरवाज़े की चाबी,जिससे खुल जायेगा इंसानों की आख़ों का ताला ;

जानती हूँ की समय लगेगा थोडा,पर समय के साथ ही तो बदलती है ये दुनिया!!


नही जानते ये लोग,की जिस छोटी सी गौरैया को हर दिन अपने आंगन में चहचहाता देखा ,उसके साथ खेला ;आज वही बेचारी जा रही है छोड़ के अपना बसेरा!!!

दिल है की पत्थर ,थोडा ख्याल तुम भी कर लो,आँगन में पानी भर एक सकोरा ही रख दो,

बस,आँगन में पानी भर एक सकोरा ही रख दो!!!!! Registered & Protected  6Q0E-GZP4-YEH1-WHNY