Here is Astha Jain, presently pursuing class 11th (16), India…

Some years before.., I wondered that I am the only person on earth who doesn’t have any quality !! But life always contains topsy-turvy paths and yeh.., I ‘discovered’ I had one!! Maybe, it needs improvement, but that’s fine!! Mostly my creations, mainly poems are related to me or my situations in some or the other way…

So why not share it with the world., So here I present my very first blog.., too I’ve created this may be to reveal all my so-called secrets in different ways ;P !!

The greatest motivator in writing poems is JANCY DEVIS MAM, and also many other teachers and friends !!

For me, that’s not important how many followers(like follow for a follow back!!*) I have, but something which matters most is when people follow me, the reason must be exactly and only that they actually love my work!! My work must have that much worth, potential, and seriously I think it has!!

It’s said that writing your secrets / happening down is the best way to accept/reveal things and add them to the column of memories of life!! After all, we’ve got only one!!

The same, I am doing!!:)






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