who cares? Do we?

“Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. “

Indian street dogs and their ‘Rights’

Every other day, there’s a news related to dogs, their dislocation issues, the tagging problems and even about the fake NGOs…
There won’t be many issues from the side of dog lovers… if the govt and the municipal Corporation execute their work in a better way! Local officers say that they have records, but when asked for, they keep mum.

“Last year, in the month of August… A street dog(5-6 months), we were taking care of, was caught from the colony, by 4-5 men in a yellow tempo like a vehicle, on the name of Nagar Nigam’s sterilization and providing dogs with anti-rabies injection operation…  And named a foundation which is unapproachable at the time, on enquiring about the place they were taking it to! They entrusted me, they’ll leave it, the same place, they had caught it from, sharp after 3 days (it’s been a year now). I then researched about the matter and got Supreme Court’s guidelines that it is the dog’s right to be left to the same place they’ve been caught from in a legible time limit(under Animal Birth Control Rules 2001 framed under section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 & as per the orders of honourable SC of India). As per the Indian law, street dogs cannot be beaten, killed/driven away/displaced/dislocated; can only be sterilised in the manner envisaged in the ABC(dogs) rules 2001. Rule 6 clearly envisages that even if Municipal Corporation thinks it expedient to control the street dog population, it cannot resort to killing/dislocating them!”

This is what one of the readers talked about animal cruelty followed by the govt officials these days… We need stricter laws… If we want ourselves to be developed in whatsoever stream we name! It’s easy to break than to make and if the operation needs to be successful, it’s not on the public, more on the executors… As quoted by Astha Jain, a resident of Bhopal(M.P)
According to the surveys, this isn’t a regional problem but is present almost everywhere in the country… Either the rules need to be stricter or the officials need to understand, humans don’t possess any right over the animals. There’s a great need for things to be done in this regard.



बहुत लोग हैं मरने वाले… तुझपे अपनी जान गंवाने…

मान है, अभिमान है तू,

भारत! तेरी ही शान हैं वो!

मारने वालों की कमी नहीं… बस मरने वाले ज्यादा हैं!

तेरे लिए कुर्बान हैं वो, माँ, तेरे ही तो बन्दे हैं!

एहसास नहीं है सबको माँ… इन वीरों के बलिदान का…

कि मातृभूमि की रक्षा हेतु, तत्पर वो जान गंवाने को,

घर छोड़ दिया, सब छोड़ दिया… अपनों की रखवाली को,

ऐसे वीर हैं जन्में तुझसे, हैं अटल-अजय-अमर वो माँ…

गान राष्ट्र के, गीत शौर्य के, गूंजे जिनके रग-रग में,

तेरे ही तो बन्दे हैं वो, हैं अमर-अटल जवान वो!

थोड़ा सा तो ठहर जा…

वादा कर अपने आप से तू,

किसी के लिए कभी खुद ना बदले…

अपनी इच्छाओं को मार, दूसरों के लिए न तरसे!                                                                 

कर वही, जो सही लगे,

ना की वो जो लोग कहें…

जिंदा हो, इंसान हो तुम,

वक्त बुरा भले, सही तो हों?!

कितने बरस हैं बीत गए…

आगे पीछे दौड़ते दौड़ते…

अब बस तू बैठ जा… थोड़ा सा तो ठहर जा…

वक्त का पहिया चलने दे,

दिन को थोड़ा ढलने दे…

विचारों को विराम दे,

अपने आप को थोड़ा संभाल ले…

इंसान है तू, भगवान नही,

अडिग रहे, गलत सही!

खुश रह क्यों तू इंसान है…

ना कर अफ़सोस, तुझपे इतना भार न है…

ध्यान रख, जिंदा है तू… अपनी खुशियों का रचयिता-क्रेता है तू

जो बीत गया सो बीत गया,

अब बस तू बैठ जा… थोड़ा सा तो ठहर जा,

विचारों को विराम दे…

भागम-भाग रोक कर, वक्त का पहिया चलने दे …

दिन को थोड़ा ढलने दे…!


ऐ भारत!

फक्र होगा उस दिन मुझे,
जब बन जाऊं कुछ काबिल मैं…
देश और इसकी मिट्टी के लिए दिखा पाऊँ भक्ति-निष्ठा को मैं।
और ऊँचा, और निराला.. भारतवर्ष का नारा है ,
कोशिश जारी रखने की कसम खाई और वादा है।।
जता पाऊँ की प्यारा है तू, कैसे तेरी इज़्ज़त न करू
शत शत नमन करूँ तुझको मैं, ऐ भारत, तू न्यारा है, ऐ भारत, तू हमारा है।।
निभा पाऊँ इस सपने को, कोशिश है, मझधार नही, है भक्ति कोई भार नही!!
ऐ भारत तू आबाद है, ऐ भारत तू आबाद रहे ।।

Indian Street Dogs and their ‘rights’


via Indian Street Dogs

I adopted 2 dogs(not in literal sense)

2 puppies just came one evening peeping from the main entrance n took shelter in our garden, they always used to run away whenever were found there by my father!! But each time, my family was the one, who used to feed them by giving them milk, biscuit or something available…

They were too cute, really too much! I loved one of them more( both of their names were ‘chotu’)

One day, the one I didn’t love much(let it be named ”chotu 2″), went somewhere, we thought someone kidnapped it, everyone was sad n other dogs were a threat! Chotu 1 was sad too… The other day we got it back!!! I saw chotu 1 being angry from the other one n shouting at chotu 2 (maybe something like ”why n where the hell u went leaving me alone, how dare u”). After some days, we found chotu 1 missing, that was too sad, but we thought it’ll also return in some time, but our assumption was wrong… It never did, it’s been 6 months.., maybe in taking revenge or something like that, it got misplaced or killed under a vehicle!

The one that’s missing, probably dead…

Chotu2 slowly became a steady part of the house, we loved it a lot, it became the only chotu for us!!  Everyone in contact with us, is aware of chotu’s deeds n its banning from the house”  (lol)

There are too many instances I don’t know where to start from… Always ready for cuddling, shaking hand, eating sweets, tomato, paratha n milk..!! (Loved everything, I hate)

Whenever it got any scratches or wound, I was the one to put warm water mixing with some salt onto it, and it better understood what I did… Because every time it was attacked by other dogs, it never cried but always came to me to show the wound!! Chotu was love n will be my love forever!! It very well knew how to bring a smile to our faces n the understanding power was mind blowing!!

I always used to name it as ”nalayak’ n ‘mera baccha’… Once I came to know that chotu is female, the saddest part I came across regarding it, but I always considered it male! My home is on the main road, red buses move from that route itself, when chotu was small, whenever it got angry, used to sit on the middle of the road n the conductors had to climb down from the bus or vehicle to make him vacate the place!! We all are too attached to my love, but moreover, it got attached to us a hundred times more(that I could see in his eyes)(I wrote ‘his’ for a purpose!)

sleeping on the chair at home! My chotu

A few weeks back, chotu was restricted from entering the house, as we are pure vegetarians, chotu brought a full meat, maybe from any of the shops… I was the last one to see that. I came downstairs n heard a cry, peeped from the window, saw something in his mouth, thought the thing in the mouth is crying… But that was not what I assumed!! Everyone in the family was angry at him for doing that, but maybe, maybe what I thought could be another aspect… I had a thought that maybe chotu brought that in order to heal it from me… maybe!!

I love him from bottom of my heart, had cried for him and didn’t sleep till I got to know he found a safe place, the first time, was restricted from entering the house at night!!

Yesterday I heard a cry from a puppy, no one was at home, I just shut everything out to see a puppy in trap net, I went nearer to see, that it was none other than my chotu… I told those municipal cooperation people to free him as he’s our pet, but they denied, I called my father n mum too, but no one picked my call!! I put my hand on the head of my dog to calm it down n it did, it did! I tried my level best to free him, but they said they’re taking him for sterilization, so that it cannot reproduce n also inject an anti-rabies injection… (How can people be this way) so that it cannot reproduce (hell, what do humans want, snatching those naive, innocent animal’s right.., it’ll be better if u kill them at once) those people told me that they’ll free him in 3 days n bring him back here… That’s what the provision by Supreme court also says, but I fear, everyone says that won’t happen…Chotu will not return… But I’ve pledged to bring him back n I will surely do that! When they were putting him in the cage from the net, chotu didn’t even look at me, that was heart-wrenching… I cried that time n that whole night went this way, I was in regret n was shattered that I couldn’t save my child! I hope he’ll return safe m sound, I know he might be missing us n so are we… I love u chotu, nothing seems good now! I miss u

When chotu was small… at present he’s somewhat 6 months old!

I’m sorry for I couldn’t save u from those people(HUMANS) n ur basic right to be a mother at least once… Just a 7-month-old puppy u r, humans are so cruel… The thing I’ve not expected till date…

P.S. It’s been more than a week we haven’t got any whereabouts, I have mailed to the municipal corporation but nothing happened, went to their local office, talked to few but again… I haven’t got any news regarding my pet! I just hope wherever he might be, he’s safe! I regret if I would have snapped some pictures of those people and the vehicle, maybe I could do something more to save my child… Chotu didn’t do anything just bcuz he knew if he’s been done something in any of our family members presence, he’s safe… He considered all Humans the same(why chotu, why). I just hope he’s safe n not missing us(I don’t wish him to be in pain, never)

I had broken a Trust, done something I can never forgive myself for… Sorry can never bring him back or change the things… could not be a better friend dear, I failed…



Three years back from now,

I realized I’m a ‘GIRL’ !!

It isn’t like before I wasn’t aware…

But now, I’m holding up a certificate, stating ‘Yeah I’m a Pure Women’!!

You know how much may people say, shout or whatever.., that

Girls are equal to Boys, Equality, No Discrimination and what not…

But they’ll end up supporting none other than their Great Sons.., their heir, their descendant

It isn’t like I’m a Girl and this is to support Feminism..,

But this is the bitter truth almost all the facing every day..(let it be a criticism)

For people if a girl is silent, it is their insult, If a girl speaks back, it is their Insult…

If a girl corrects them.., it is an insult!!

But…But if

Her brother beats her.., shouts at her.., even smashes the food on her face…It’s OK…

It’s a normal fight between siblings!

Ever someone tried to understand, what could be her mental status..?!

So she now has to show up a certificate again..,  that she is mentally ill.., she’s mentally tortured!!

Or… does she now has to suicide and leave a note behind to tell all that’s happening??!!

But then too., the mourning will be of a very few tick-tocks..

People will now point out, that she was too weak and chickenhearted.. she could have spoken

Too Controversial the society is…

Too bad the mentality is…

People just claim to be Good.,

Otherwise, each one outta them is a Murderer..!!!!

Murderer of a beautiful soul who wanted some love.., peace, space not assail!!

But Alas, this could never happen…!

The level of evil is rising up, it has risen up so many times, but no one stood against it! I’m not saying no one raised their voice, but that their motive was different… Some stood for feminism, some for male dominance, some against rape… so some for equality! But, I don’t wish to talk about them any more… I just wanna ask… WHY? Why are we this way? Whenever feel like vomiting the anger out, you’ve to swallow it down, till something comes out as the reaction is nothing but tears… which bring them down into the category of a crybaby and weak?! Why? Why do they always hafta protect their self-esteem first? Not being a girl simply I regret… but it’s the ‘Fe’ before ‘male’ which every time I get scared of!

Once my Mother told me that our puppy of 4-5 months who live in the porch, is a stray actually… other dogs try to pressurize her, in human terms ‘Rape’ it! The strong bitches get themselves saved and the weak ones or the ones who cannot fight for themselves alone, become the victims!! From that day on, I started feeling insecure about my not-so-pet-pet whenever I found it outside the house or sad!! It isn’t just about humans… No!! It isn’t just about humans but it’s the way ‘Males’ treat the ‘Males’ with ‘Fe’s’!! Though I’m a girl… and know the pain they bear, I regret being a ‘Fe’ with ‘Males’!!

Welcome 2018..

Today is the last day of this year..there’s only some hours distance to reach our Destination i.e., 2018

This year was Great, I got to know so many people, I got to do so many Good things, I got to know so many new things!! I hope that tomorrow’s sunrise will demolish all the bad things and their memories and bring Good..

I hope, the next year will be much much better & bring joy & happiness to everyone’s Life, it take me nearer to my dream to become a better person in Life!! After every 365 days tenure, a new year begins, but this time, it is some what different, something different with a touch of Magic..

I hope, 2018 will bring lots of adventure, with a better understanding and I, be able to help more and more people, making them smile..And do something for the betterment of the society!! I believe I can..I can make something adorn & serve my purpose of Life..

I’ll try my best to become a better writer.., I’ll try to make people believe in themselves & make them love thyselves & their country, their motherland.

I’ll showcase all the good things, people do & make them proud of themselves, by appriciating them & try my best to be altruist!!

And I pledge to do the maximum I can..!!

Wish you all a Very Happy & prosperous New Year..


He didn’t look that good,

But his habits made him great looked!!

He wasn’t so cool,

But so were actually his caring ‘Rules’…

His habits were just like a small kid,

Checking his hair and crack lame jokes.,

Creating bad humour and had a voice that provokes!

Looked like perfect, but not this was his Actuality…

He kept many attitudes, but also some Humanity!

Loved his characteristics…

Fan of his personality!

A great man with a lovely soul,

Respect is to be provided Though…

Made faces quite Laughable,

Also personality not that Affordable…

Not at all shy, said whatever comes in his Mind..,

He wasn’t the Best, but, one of a Kind!!

*Written on a special request by people, after a lovely response to “she, so this is sort of continuance of it 🙂 This is written just by observing the behaviour of people around me! Hope I did the task with flying colours 🙂


She wanna see everyone happy…
She was the one most betrayed!!
Wanna link everyone by a love cart,
Roam with broken pieces of her own big heart…
She wanna see, everyone smile!
The most cried loud inside!!
couldn’t tell it to the world..,
What always got her inside murdered…
Self-confidence was nil,
But not was her love or will!
Yeah, she was a girl with pure heart and soul,
Got attached to those, who cared even a little bit…
Cheered with fun, filled with love..,
Cry for senseless, dared to be Rough?! (no)
‘Real’ was she, unlike the world..,
Some called her different, some did Mad!!
Whatever she felt, was nothing but just a Prank!!!!

**Here the ‘fear’ refers to the rejection and the fear to be rejected…, she either didn’t know or wasn’t ready to accept it as a Part of Life!

वो जिंदा है

कौन कहता है इंसानियत मर चुकी है?

वो अभी भी जिंदा है।।।

उनमें, जो खुद से पहले दूसरों के बारे में सोचते हैं।।

उनमें, जो इस शैतानी जहां में भी मासूम होते हैं।।

उनमें, जिनकी ,दूसरों को रोते है, खुद की आँखें पसीज जाती हैं….
सभी को एक समान.. अपने को भुला आसमां..।।

इंसानियत जिंदा है..

हाँ, थोड़ी सहम गयी है, थोड़ी ठहर गयी है…,पर इंसानियत, जिंदा है..।।

गुस्सा आता है देख, उन लोगों को, जो बाकियों की आड़ में रोना करते है..

दूसरी तरफ वो, जो बुराई देख भी आवाज़ नहीं उठाते है।।

अपने लोगों के लिए कुछ करना तो चाहते है.., पर संसार की बुराई का स्तर देख., थोड़ा रुक जातें है।।

याद रखना, इंसानियत मरी नही, अभी भी जिंदा है,

लोगों के दिल में बुराई ही सही, कहीं ना कहीं अच्छाई का एक टुकड़ा , जिंदा है।।

और एक दिन कुछ तो बदलेगा…

कुछ तो आगे बढेगा।।

और, रावण फिर से हारेगा।।

सीता को हरने वाला नही, हमारे अन्दर छिपा, बसा रावण।।

इंसान को जानवर बनाने वाला, दुनिया को बुराई की ओर धकेलने वाला रावण।

जिंदा इंसान को लाश बनाने वाला रावण..हारेगा।।

हारेगा, एक दिन ज़रूर, और तब….

छोटी सी रोशनी दिखेगी.., तब बाहर ख़ुशी से नाचती, एक चमक के साथ सर उठाती, प्यारी सी आवाज़ आएगी….

मैं जिंदा हूँ, हाँ मैं जिंदा हूँ.., मरी नहीं, मैं जिंदा हूँ..।।

इंसानियत जिंदा है..।।